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We recognise that we are integral to the communities in which we have manufacturing operations: we generate significant commercial benefit to each of the communities due to the employment we provide and the opportunities we have to contribute to community projects. Yet, we’re also mindful that our operations have the potential to cause disturbance to local residents, especially with traffic movements, emissions and noise. Therefore, we’re committed to working hard to minimise any negative impact through local community initiatives such as forum groups and meetings.

Boosting local economies
By sourcing and manufacturing locally, we create jobs and invest in local economies. Over 900 of our 2,000 employees worldwide are in Europe, mainly in the UK.

Supporting local causes and charities
All of our operating plants actively aim to be a ‘good neighbour’. That means being open to dialogue with local groups, addressing any concerns and creating lasting harmonious relations. The management team at each of our sites seeks to build good relationships through support of local causes and charities, and supporting those employees who are committed to charity and community work.