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How to install CaberShieldPlus flooring

with our CaberFix D4 foaming glue, you can achieve full protection against the weather for 60 days with BBA certification guarantee.

Benefits of SterlingOSB Zero

Learn about the vast and varied benefits of SterlingOSB Zero, along with ways in which the board can be used.

How to install CaberDek flooring

With our CaberFix D4 foaming adhesive to create a waterproof floor that can be exposed for up to 6 weeks, and peeled off at the end. 

How to install our SterlingOSB StrongFix panel

Ideal for providing a strong backing for drylining, holding up to 400kg weight such as sinks, railings and cabinets. 

How to install CaberDek flooring with our CaberFix Pro kit

Installation guide on how to install CaberDek flooring with our CaberFix Pro kit – our  handy kit containing enough glue to install and seal half a pack of CaberDek. 

Using CaberFix X-Treme tape

Installing CaberDek with CaberFix X-Treme tape; adhesive, waterproof tape bonding in damp conditions even down to -21 degrees! 

Request a sample

Request an A5 sample of any of our boards. Our samples come with an informative wraparound cover.

Request a sample