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SterlingOSB Zero stuns visitors in new office space

Axis Mason, an architecture and interior design firm, decided to renovate the interior of its new office, Somerville House, at Saint Helier in Jersey. The project was intended to become a statement for the firm’s design philosophy and act as a showcase for clients to explore the possibilities that Axis Mason is capable of. SterlingOSB Zero, from Norbord, the leading manufacturer of engineered wood panels, was chosen early on as an ideal material to complete the new project. The material is an oriented strand board with zero-added formaldehyde which makes it more sustainable than its plywood counterparts.

The new office features a standalone pod; a server room; a disabled toilet; a full height living wall with integrated seating; and a reception desk. All of these features incorporate SterlingOSB Zero with the standalone pod being built entirely in Norbord’s fantastic product. Siobhann Macleod, an Associate and Interior Designer at Axis Mason, who took the lead on the project at Somerville House, commented, “We have a very broad client base, ranging from wealthy corporate businesses to individuals who enjoy good design but don’t necessarily have the money to spend on expensive products. The interiors had to demonstrate a diversity of humble materials, with moments of beauty and extravagance.” And so, SterlingOSB Zero was the best product for the job with the added bonus of its “edgy” urban aesthetic.

Norbord’s product was also chosen for its flexibility in handling and installation. The Somerville House office is located on the first floor resulting in restricted access for certain areas. Therefore, a lot of the joinery work had to be carried out on site instead of in a workshop, and the SterlingOSB Zero lent itself to this. The oriented strand board is backed by sustainable credentials, such as FSC-certification, and so offers an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials on the market. It became primary material in the refurbishment, used in a variety of locations which have sparked interesting conversations with prospective clients and visitors and added a unique aesthetic to the space.

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