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SterlingOSB: always part of Scotframe’s winning formula

Scotframe, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of timber frame systems is also a loyal customer of Norbord’s and an enthusiastic champion of its wood panel products.

The company, which last year celebrated its 25th anniversary, produces modular timber panel systems and is one of the UK’s leading supplier of timber frame systems to the self-build sector.

Headquartered in Inverurie, Grampian, with a second factory in Cumbernauld and sales offices from Inverness to Devon, Scotframe consumes prodigious quantities of SterlingOSB.

“We get through about 3,000 m3 of SterlingOSB every year” says Managing Director Bob Edwards. “And for the past 25 years Norbord has been our main supplier of OSB and chipboard products”.

Like all timber frame specialists, Scotframe uses SterlingOSB for sheathing, sarking and flooring where its strength, ease of use and durability make it the ideal material.

SterlingOSB is unrivalled for such applications, say Bob, who helped pioneer its use in timber frame. “I’ve always worked in the timber frame industry and way back in the 1970s, before we launched Scotframe, the company I worked with was the first to use OSB for sarking and sheathing”.

In addition to its strength and durability, SterlingOSB is valued for its low cost, sustainability and ready availability.

“It’s made in Scotland, from Scottish materials and that’s important, not just because we’re a Scottish company,” says Bob. “It’s also important because it ensures reliable supplies and minimal transport to get it from the mills to our factories.”

“I’ve been using SterlingOSB for many years; I think I was one of the first to see the benefits of OSB in timber frame construction,” says Bob.

As a major supplier to the self-build sector, Scotframe has had to accommodate many ambitious designs, some of which rely heavily on SterlingOSB’s versatility and flexibility.

“Last year we completed a very expensive self-build which required a huge number of curved panels – in fact, the entire house was circular,” he says. “OSB can be manoeuvred quite easily without risk of damage”.

Another recent project involved the supply of panels to a new build timber-framed castle near Oban. “The owner wanted his own Scottish castle and the original ones were too expensive – so he built his own timber-frame castle instead!”

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