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SterlingOSB – a work of art

City of Ambition by Richard Yeomans

Norbord’s SterlingOSB is ever increasing in popularity; and not just in timber frame kits where the beauty of the strands is covered. The “bare” engineered wood panel is now seen everywhere in retail displays, office refurbishments, restaurant bars and seating, and uncovered walls where designers aspire to earthy, beautiful, fashionable schemes. Now, for a pioneering artist, it has even replaced the traditional canvas.

Richard Yeomans, an artist who has a long-standing love of SterlingOSB, has most recently used the textured panel to explore abstract and futuristic styles. He started experimenting with SterlingOSB when he had leftover pieces from building work and found it was a great material to paint on: “I use spray paint which can look a bit flat on canvas; the fact that OSB is an industrial product gives these paintings a great street look. People go to a gallery or see something hanging on a wall in a home and expect to see art. But it might be just a little surprise to see the paintings on an everyday building material, such as OSB. I try not to hide the material too much; I want it to be quite obvious that it’s been painted on OSB, as if it has been removed from a wall outside and brought in.”

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SterlingOSB, a genuinely home-grown sustainable product is FSC certified and a favoured alternative to plywood due to its versatility and lower price. 

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