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South-West furniture specialist utilises the decorative potential of SterlingOSB Zero

A Devon-based designer and manufacturer of bespoke furniture has used West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero for some of his more recent commissions utilising the material’s aesthetic as well as physical and practical benefits to striking effect.

James Hewitt set up his own joinery business in 2013 and creates fitted as well as free-standing furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, living spaces and office environments, including media units and desks like the one he recently fashioned from SterlingOSB Zero for a teenager’s bedroom. 

James explains: “I prefer to use SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 as it offers the best structural integrity for this sort of work and it also exhibits better moisture-resistant properties.  I normally mitre the corners and joint them using a loose tenon. If I am going to leave the end grain exposed, I will fill it and paint it in an accent colour to suit the room décor.  As well as the alcove desk, I have also used SterlingOSB Zero to make a TV stand for a client, along with other commissions.”  

Having completed his apprenticeship back in 2004 and learning many of his trade skills working on high-end residential projects in Cheshire, James is now looking to take on a trainee of his own.  He concludes: “We work right across Devon and Cornwall, but are in the process of expanding, moving into a larger unit, and will take on work further afield.” 

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