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CaberShieldPlus from Norbord enables speedy building

Norbord’s flooring product, CaberShieldPlus, is being used by Sylva Design & Build Solutions at Graven Hill, Bicester where they are creating new affordable homes.  

Sylva Design & Build Solutions, who offer low-risk sustainable turnkey home solutions, used CaberShieldPlus on their timber frame fast-track build project. Jason Bassett, Commercial Associate at Sylva Group, explains that this first experience of using CaberShieldPlus was a very positive one.  “By using CaberShieldPlus, the project was able to be continued despite bad weather and the fitting of flooring as the build progressed enabled us to deliver the programme on-time whilst limiting both the risk of falls from height and the risk of weather damage”.

Norbord’s tough P5 chipboard flooring has a permanent waterproof coating on both sides. CaberShieldPlus is designed with the ever-changing and unpredictable British weather in mind. The non-slip top side of the flooring ensures a safe working platform.  Having never used CaberShieldPlus before, Sylva Design & Build Solutions did not know what to expect from the product but, according to Jason, “CaberShieldPlus worked perfectly for this project”.

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