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Build the best with CaberDek

Based in the North West of England, Anywl Homes, with their roots in joinery and woodwork, have been building houses in the UK for over 80 years. This well established record has allowed Anywl Homes to cultivate an expert knowledge of the best products to use in the creation of new homes. It’s no surprise to learn that in a recent development in the busy market town of Wellington, Shropshire, Anywl Homes opted to use Norbord’s ever popular CaberDek for the flooring. CaberDek is an 18mm or 22mm thickness flooring panel that provides protection from weather conditions and dirt. It has a film layer which can later be removed to reveal a smooth and clean surface, ready and primed for the next stage in flooring application.

The Haygate Fields development is made up of two, three and four bedroom homes, all of which rely on the use of Norbord’s CaberDek. The dependable flooring system offers increased protection from the elements and boasts waterproof and slip resistance properties to facilitate a smooth and safe build. It is the preferred material of the company’s established supplier and with good reason. CaberDek has been the trusted choice of Anwyl Homes for its high-quality consistency and its ready availability.

Kayley Williams, Buyer for Cheshire and North Wales at Anwyl Homes, commented, “We pride ourselves on providing “thoughtful” homes that are unique and reflect the new owners’ character and style. Norbord’s high-quality products enable to us to provide this. We are currently using CaberDek for the floor decking on 90% of our housing sites and will continue to do so going forward.”  

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