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  • Gives a superior routed finish, especially with more angular deep profiles in use today and provides a wider choice of finishing techniques.
  • Achieve a higher quality output. CaberMDF’s smooth surface is ideal for most high quality paint and surface finishes including the application of paper foils and veneers.
  • Use less on-site finishing or pre-finishing.
  • Better workmanship is easy with superior screw and fastener holding than other types of panel product. That’s all down to CaberMDF’s high quality fibre and internal bond strength.
  • Save on raw materials. Suitable for use with all woodworking machines and hand tools, giving you complete flexibility.
  • Do a quality job with a board that’s manufactured in the UK’s first site for MDF production, incorporating the very latest in design, development and resin technology.
  • Work with a building product which conforms to the latest European low emission standards (E1), complies with BS EN 622: Parts 1 and 5, and carries the CE mark.

CaberMDF Industrial has the following certifications:


The CE mark (from the French, ‘Conformité Européan’) is intended to promote the free movement of products within the EU by showing that essential health and safety requirements have been met.


The FSC® product label allows consumers worldwide to recognise products that support the growth of responsible forest management. In an increasingly environmentally aware marketplace many demand the FSC® mark on their wood products: with West Fraser it comes as standard.

For more detailed information, please download the brochure.

Suitable for:

  • Shopfitting
  • Furniture
  • Fire surrounds
  • Architectural and wrap mouldings
  • Staircases
  • Wall panelling
  • Doors
  • Shelving
  • General purpose joinery
  • Humid conditions
  • Chairs, tables, cabinets
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture

Our CaberMDF Industrial is made to order. To enquire, please contact us via phone or our contact form.

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Denser for great intricate routing and smooth finishes. For more information, see our technical brochure.
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