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Why our OSB is loved by the UK construction industry

The eyes of the specifier and builder have to be wide open – to THE perfect product for the project.  Cutting corners and selecting poorer replacements doesn’t cut it today. Safety and the environment remain two of the toughest, and most important, considerations.

Choosing panel products that satisfy building standards, have sound environmental credentials and are quick and easy to use when battling the sometimes dismal weather here is one tough task too; but West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero range makes the job a whole lot easier. There is something great for all applications and installations. 

Our portfolio comprises of SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 and SterlingOSB Zero Tongue and Groove, – both are variants of the precision-engineered OSB3 board; BBA-approved, the board contains zero added formaldehyde and is produced in Scotland from forest thinnings taken from sustainably-managed forests. It is also certified according to the guidelines of the FSC or PEFC.

Where can you use OSB – examples?

Among its multiple uses, SterlingOSB Zero is ideal for timber frame construction. The boards are designed to speed up the build process and are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes.

For structural use in dry or humid load bearing situations, SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 is the board of choice.

Flooring and roofing applications are served by SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 and SterlingOSB Zero Tongue & Groove. Panels are easy to saw, drill, nail or plane. SterlingOSB Zero’s smooth surface gives improved adhesion qualities for all flat roofing applications with no sanding required, even for GRP finishes.

And finally, the inherent strength of SterlingOSB Zero makes it the natural choice for site hoardings and for boarding up windows and doors of vacant properties. Hoardings formed using SterlingOSB Zero may be finished with most popular surface treatments, allowing marketing messages and designs to be displayed to create a smart site perimeter.

West Fraser delivers a net carbon benefit in all our products produced in the UK, locking up more CO2e in the products (and lifetime of use) than is emitted in the manufacture of them.  That accounts for everything from forest to customer, including harvesting, production, sales and logistics.

Samples of West Fraser construction panels can be ordered here  On our housebuilder page you can download a selection of tools including a fully-interactive guide to all West Fraser products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your build.

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