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When you have built you own home, you know how to help people build their dream!

GMDL Construction, the real expert in building dream homes – with Norbord’s CaberDek and SterlingOSB Zero.

When it comes to knowing everything there is to know about building a home, surely it is best to ask people who have actually done it before! They know the pitfalls, the questions, the process, the excitement – and the very best products to use!

And so it is that GMDL, a friendly, family-run architectural and housebuilding practice in Lanarkshire, Scotland, creates some of the most beautiful homes in the area – using Norbord products as the stars of the show.

Louise Mackay, owner of GMDL, tells us all. “So many people will relate when we say that we really wanted to build our own home so we could create exactly what we wanted.  It was our dream and we made it happen.  We knew what we were doing and we wanted to be in control at all times. The challenge we found was how difficult it can be to manage the vast array of tradespeople involved in a self-build; so we decided to simplify this for anyone else taking the plunge. With our architectural experience, we decided we would create a one-stop-shop that allows our customers to design, plan and construct their dream home, extension or home reconfiguration, with the use of one company and one project manager who would deal with all aspects from planning until the keys are handed back to client.  Sounds great and it is!”

Norbord products feature in most of GMDL’s projects so we decided to ask Louise a few questions to explain why. The impressive building pictured here (a large five-bedroomed house) features CaberDek which has a tough, waterproof and slip-resistant film. This protects the panels for up to 42 days – from laying the flooring to fixing the roof when laid in accordance with fitting instructions using CaberFix Pro. The heavy-duty film protects against spilled paint and plaster and the effects of wet weather and muddy work boots.  When peeled off, the film reveals a clean surface ready for further floor covering. SterlingOSB Zero OSB3 was used for the walls, timber frame kit, roof and internal racking.

1. Why did you choose SterlingOSB Zero?
It is a favourite of our local supplier and was a good cost alternative to using ply; and is as structurally robust.

 2. What do you like about these products?
We specifically chose CaberDek due to its waterproofing ability. It is resilient and provides a safe working deck environment whilst being left open to the elements.

3. What were the benefits of using these products over other materials?
CaberDek – the fact that we can use CaberDek in wet open environments means that it can be installed prior to the house being wind and watertight; so providing a safe surface for the builders on the roof. Also, where supply lines for roofing may be delayed during Covid, for example, the reassurance that the flooring remains waterproofed provides peace of mind.

4. Where has the SterlingOSB Zero been used and what for? 
External walls on timber frame kit, roof and internal racking.

6. Did you find the materials easy to work with?  Were there any challenges?
The Norbord panels are easy to work with. CaberDek is easy to use and the glue is excellent.

7. Where do you purchase SterlingOSB Zero?

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