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West Fraser’s CaberWood MDF is perfect all around the home

Back in the 60’s, flower power, The Beatles, the lunar landing and a certain football tournament win were joined by the birth of the original CaberWood MDF as the most momentous moments of the decade in the UK!  ‘Tis true!

And today, from furniture to architectural mouldings, and from radiator cabinets to kitchens, CaberWood MDF continues to be seen all over the modern home. It’s difficult to think of a building material that can match its versatility in fact. When it comes to consistency, quality and ease of use, West Fraser’s CaberWood MDF leads the way with  legendary performance and popularity.

The board is designed as an economical and incredibly versatile alternative to hardwood – without the inherent defects of knots or grains. The product’s attributes include stability and consistent density, and the panels have a high quality surface, are strong, resist impact and accept fasteners securely.

The panels are easy to work and have good machining properties. They can be sawn, drilled, shaped and routed cleanly with minimum fuss, using hand or machine tools. When it comes to appearance, quality finishes are easily achieved by both professionals and DIY-ers and the smooth surface of the panels is ideal for painting or applying veneers or paper foils.

Around the home, CaberWood MDF creates the framework to build or adorn all manner of bits and bobs.  The panels can be used to form architectural features, fascias, skirting, shelves, fitted units, wardrobes and kitchen and bathroom furniture – including door and drawer fronts as well as carcassing. They can also be used to create individual items of furniture, such as chairs, tables, cabinets and headboards.

West Fraser’s comprehensive five-strong CaberWood MDF range has been developed to offer the perfect matches between panel and application. For general use, CaberWood MDF Trade is a versatile, lightweight board which is ideal where weight is a factor; the panels hold screws and fastenings securely. CaberWood MDF Trade MR offers the same benefits with the added advantage of moisture resistance for wet or humid environments.

Where there is a need for premium quality and detailed working, CaberWood MDF Pro provides incredibly consistent density, ensuring cutting and routing need minimal finishing. CaberWood MDF Pro MR offers the further benefit of moisture resistance.

The ultimate product in the range is CaberWood MDF Industrial which is moisture resistant and designed specifically for the production of high-grade furniture and fittings. It is ideal for deep routing and its consistent close-grained texture ensures clean edges and surfaces that will take advanced finishing techniques.

Beyond the advantages and practicalities of using CaberWood MDF, the materials and processes used to manufacture the product offer the reassurance of being sustainable. Unsurprisingly, West Fraser’s range of board products is available in a wide selection of sizes to minimise waste. All timber used is responsibly sourced and FSC certified. The panels are manufactured in the UK from locally grown timber and are net carbon negative.  Additionally, all of West Fraser’s UK mills have obtained the coveted ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. 

Samples of all West Fraser construction panels can be ordered on the website  Head to the housebuilder page on the website to download a selection of tools including a fully-interactive guide to all West Fraser products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your build.

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