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Timea Cooper, Marketing Manager, West Fraser, updates us on the move to the West Fraser brand
  • Norbord – who were they and who is West Fraser UK now?

As the UK’s number one engineered wood panel manufacturer serving the housebuilding and construction industry with a vast array of board products for flooring, panelling and roofing for decades, the Norbord name was the go-to corporate name behind the company’s popular brands. The company has spent a year transitioning to the new West Fraser UK brand after an acquisition and you will now see the new logo on key product lines, livery and POS as the process evolves. West Fraser is a diversified wood products company with more than 60 facilities in Canada, the United States and Europe. 

Now, together with the worldwide operation, we are united as a West Fraser global entity leading the way as the pioneer in panel, and panel system, manufacture and innovation.

  • The two names are synonymous with quality and experience; how is the transition going? 

It’s an exciting time with the joining of two great industry names – we are nearly there! The two company names are very much aligned and share many common values, including a commitment to safety, efficient manufacturing facilities, a focus on continuous improvement and teamwork, as well as manufacturing sustainable products that are essential for a low-carbon economy. Product development and efficient supply chains are at the crux of the new organisation due to the merging of experienced teams. 

  • Why do I still see the old Norbord logo on invoices for example?

It’s simply because the strict legal entity process is still going through. From every other perspective, we are West Fraser UK.

  • Have the names of the brands and products changed?

CaberWood MDF is now called CaberMDF and has bright new branding which will soon be seen across the board (no pun intended!).  The brands, including SterlingOSB Zero and CaberFloor have always been market-leading and hugely successful. They are very well known and will stay!

  • How important is the West Fraser corporate brand then?

There is more emphasis on the West Fraser brand as we want to dominate and lead the industry in the development of the company – and a recognisable strong corporate brand is as important as our established product brands. The values of the West Fraser brand will be reinforced and be the golden thread through our work worldwide. Great people, service and products leading the way – sustainably.

  • So, did anything change – or going to change?

Absolutely nothing has changed or will change for our customers; except constant innovation and product development of course! The people are the same, the products are the same, the plants are the same.

  • Are the contact details still the same?

The telephone number, and all the mobile numbers of contacts, have not changed. The website has a new name –

  • Will you still be supplying the same customers/merchants? 

Yes – there will be no change to our supply network.

Simon Woods, European Sales, Marketing & Logistics Director, West Fraser explains, “West Fraser is a great organisation to be part of and we are looking forward to further strengthening the brand and market position even more into 2023. There is a huge opportunity here for us to grow and develop in Europe and, a year in, we are bearing fruit already.”

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