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Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the perfect flooring systems for UK Housebuilders

In an ever-growing world, we’re building up instead of out, and that means there’ll be lots of one thing – floors!

Yes, you know all about floors; they can squeak worse than a mouse, they can let your downstairs neighbours hear all the goings-on in your house and, as a housebuilder, it is a nightmare to cover them up and protect them from the elements during the build process. But, did you know that Norbord UK’s flooring products could be the answer you’ve been looking for?

Everyone says it, but we mean it – size doesn’t matter! (Nor does shape, while we’re at it.) No matter what the specifications are for the floor you are laying, the products from our CaberBoard portfolio are designed to suit a variety of applications: we’ve got everything to keep you covered! Our high strength flooring systems include CaberShieldPlusCaberFloor P5CaberAcousticCaberDek and CaberFix.

CaberShieldPlus is specifically designed to keep you building even with the roof off so prevents the nightmare of trying to protect the floor. The permanent waterproof coating is on both sides of the board and is BBA-certified for exposure to the elements for up to 60 days. So don’t rush the job to protect the floor, as we’ve done that for you! Just make sure you fix with CaberFix D4 adhesive, a one-bottle solution for fixing flooring to joists, and you’ll have perfect results.

CaberAcoustic is an overlay board, designed to reduce impact and airborne transmitted sounds, and should be used as a floating floor over existing surfaces, such as concrete or timber. In new build issues, CaberAcoustic should be used in conjunction with CaberFloor P5, CaberDek or CaberShieldPlus. This is the ideal solution for fixing the noisy neighbours issues – or preventing the neighbours from hearing you!

Our CaberFloor P5 is removes the need for intermediate noggins as it uses a tongue and groove joint, so saves you time and expense in the build process. And, when used in conjuction with CaberFix Joint & Joist adhesive, you can do away with squeakiness and have a totally silent floor!

All of our flooring panels are best used with a CaberFix adhesive. If you’re unsure which one is best for your project, have a look at the super handy flowchart on our website which will point you to the right product.

So, housebuilders or homeowners, have no fear, our CaberBoard products are here (to make your building jobs easier).   

To speak to one of our Housebuilding team, email [email protected] or for further information on how Norbord can help, please call 01786 812 921

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