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Shedding the office

The 2020 Renovation Nation Report, by mortgage comparison site, has found that UK’s homeowners have invested an average of £4,035.70 each on home renovations since the lockdown began in March 2020. We are looking at new spaces and looks as the prospect of more time at home becomes “normal”.

  • A garden office/studio tops the post-pandemic wish list alongside a home/shed pub and gym
  • The garden is the most popular place for a lockdown project (at 34%).  
  • This is closely followed by the living room (23%), bedroom (22%) and kitchen (22%) as together the nation’s homeowners invested £55bn* in their properties. The findings by the personal finance experts at, also suggest that homeowners have abandoned all hopes of a holiday!

Working from home – in the shed!

With millions more of us now working from home, finding our own inspirational, quiet space to work can be tricky.

There is an innovative solution now for those of us who have adequate space – shed offices.

While building a conservatory used to be the simplest way of adding space to the home, shed offices are usually much easier and quicker to install – even if they tend to cost a similar amount. So much more stylish too! You can build your own! How big you want it; what materials; where?  You should first out whether you will need planning permission to build an office in the garden. Usually, planning permission is not needed if the office is more than two metres from your garden boundary, is two and a half metres high and has a flat roof.

Many shed offices are wooden; although it is possible to get brick, stone, plastic and composite wood versions. 

The base on which the shed is built is very important; you should never build a wooden structure on a lawn as it would rot and sink. You will need a paved base, concrete pad or decked base as it has to be on a solid, level base.                        

Samples of SterlingOSB Zero, and Norbord’s other construction panels, can be ordered on the website,  Head to the new housebuilder page on the website to download a selection of tools including a fully-interactive guide to all Norbord products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your project.

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