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Rain rain go away! And if it doesn’t, use CaberShieldPlus says Cartwood UK

Rainstorms and hailstorms and snowstorms (not so much!), and lots of them, are common, of course, in the UK but it’s not much fun building houses in them – and it wrecks materials!

Construction, renovation and oak framing company, Cartwood UK, as one of the leading names in the South of England, which is not always sunny let’s face it, is now a huge fan of Norbord’s CaberShieldPlus, a great, super-engineered flooring panel. 

It was builders’ merchant, D W Nye Ltd of Kingsfold, Horsham and their clever people who suggested trying the revolutionary product. Why? CaberShieldPlus is a P5 flooring protected on both sides with a really tough, waterproof coating.  It is BBA approved for 60 days’ exposure to the weather when used with CaberFix D4 adhesive.  60 days – so whether we suffer snow or rain for one day or 60 days in a build process, the board will be safe and watertight.

Peter Woodley, co-owner of Cartwood, was really happy after using Norbord’s CaberShieldPlus for a new prestigious property development in West Sussex. He explains “It is the first time we have used a fully waterproof system like this on a project.  We were impressed with the versatility of the product and how easy it is to use.  It handles well and there are no fussy storage requirements for the sheets pre-fitting.  It cut nicely with a circular saw and fitted together without issue using CaberFix D4 adhesive.

Cartwood used the CaberShieldPlus over the entire first floor level – during rainstorms!!  “We had experienced extreme rainfall over the whole floor but we were really pleased it has dried without any signs of failure”, commented Peter.

Now, of course, Cartwood has confirmed that CaberShieldPlus will be used on all future developments and refurbishments.  “We will not be using another product due to its effectiveness.  Just fit and forget it!” said Peter.

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