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Norbord’s animated about SterlingOSB Zero

Norbord, the leading manufacturer of engineered wood-based panel products for the construction and architectural industry, has developed produced an educational video on the continuous line production process of SterlingOSB Zero.

Beginning with timber logs, the video depicts how this raw form eventually becomes the popular finished product being packed and dispatched from the warehouse. The video illustrates the processes which give SterlingOSB Zero its strength and consistency so that viewers can glean more of an understanding of the manufacturing of this popular product.

The video demonstrates how a ring strander is used to shred wood chips into strands, giving SterlingOSB Zero its instantly recognisable appearance. Viewers can understand how quality is maintained with the use of a rotary drum dryer to reduce the moisture content to below 4% whilst use of a metal detector ensures that any ferrous material is removed.

This engaging and informative animation is a useful tool for explaining everything the customer needs to know.

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