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Norbord gives a shed load of help to the wellbeing of Inverness men

One of the “constructive” trends over recent years is our capacity, ability and desire to talk about mental health and loneliness; at work, at home, in the community – everywhere!  And never have these topics been more pertinent than today in the murky days of lockdowns and limited social contact.  Fantastic charities, which have been running for years, are The Scottish Men’s Sheds Association and the UK Men’s Sheds Association which create resources to look after the wellbeing, health and education of members.  It may be retirement, illness, loneliness or simply wanting to engage with people and keep active – the Sheds Association organisation is a gift in many communities in the UK.

And Norbord, ever the caring organisation in so many ways, has done its bit for The Inverness branch of Men’s Shed which has been busy restoring a beautiful, former 1930’s pavilion in the grounds of Millburn Academy into a new home for the group. Fundraising for the £115,000 renovation project had been hampered by the pandemic, but a donation of SterlingOSB Zero by Norbord’s Inverness plant has made sure the group can re-open and get back to work! The renovation task on the derelict pavilion was so enormous that the local group could work on different parts of the building while still observing social distancing.

And the famous SterlingOSB Zero has been the panel which has taken centre stage.  We’ll keep up with the progress and post final pictures soon!

Norbord’s portfolio of OSB products is a collection of the most popular brand in the building and interior design industries and comprises SterlingOSB Zero OSB3, SterlingOSB Zero Tongue and Groove, SterlingOSB Zero Fire Solutions and SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix. They are variants of the popular precision-engineered OSB3 board; BBA approved and designed for humid conditions, it contains zero added formaldehyde.

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