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Making outside spaces beautiful with SterlingOSB Zero

“A recent client wanted the printed side of the SterlingOSB Zero left bare inside their mud room as they really like the utilitarian feel of the material”

Being outside is good isn’t it? Since time immemorial, we have known the benefits of seeing and feeling space and air, the sky and the trees, and the sun and the moon, for our mental and physical wellbeing. And, now more than ever, we have to look after ourselves – and look for extra outside space now that our homes have become so much busier!

One booming business today is “outside space” or “taking the inside outside”. Great idea all round and Norbord products are helping these spaces look beautiful too! We have seen outside kitchens, bars, sheds, offices, gyms, and all sorts of structures as people have had time to design and let their imaginations run free.

A great example is the story of H M Garden Rooms in Buckinghamshire.  Having searched for garden offices for their own home, and finding a limited choice of well-priced, good quality options, Jordan Hickson and Jordan Marsh, both with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, set up H M Garden Rooms.  Using quality materials, they produce a range of built-to-last, aesthetically-pleasing garden buildings that clients have put to a multitude of uses.

One of the top-quality materials the company relies on for these structures is Norbord’s SterlingOSB Zero.  As Director, Jordan Hickson, explains “SterlingOSB Zero is easier to use and lighter but just as strong as plywood.  It throws up no challenges so we are able to get the job done with no fuss.  It’s also cheaper than ply and readily available so it ticks a lot of boxes for us and we’ll continue to use it in our builds”.

All of H M Garden Room’s buildings are clad in a variety of beautiful materials but Jordan has found that clients are increasingly asking for the SterlingOSB Zero to be left exposed on the interior as part of the design finish. “A recent client wanted the printed side of the OSB left bare inside their mud room as they really like the utilitarian feel of the material”, Jordan explained.  

H M Garden Rooms purchases SterlingOSB Zero from local builders’ merchants, Travis Perkins and Grant & Stone branches in the Home Counties, depending on the project location.

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