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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

Christmas trees and fairy lights are already festooning homes around the UK thanks to mini campaigns to cheer us up in this second lockdown. Rather like clapping for the NHS and our other heroes this Remembrance Sunday, social media is asking us to light up our lives by bringing Christmas cheer and hope into our homes now!

But does a builder want Yuletide early? Especially if it is going to be an elusive White one?

We all know this year has been challenging for housebuilding and construction in all sorts of ways; and Norbord is on hand to ensure that the weather, whatever the colour, is not going to be yet another hiccup. We all need and want the nation’s resilient builders to get on with the task of producing new homes, garden rooms/offices and extensions. After all, now more than ever, we all have to be happy “at home”.

So builders and specifiers need to look at Norbord’s CaberFloor range of panels which speed up the build process by cutting down on the time spent cleaning up after inclement weather. All ready to hand the finish homes over at the end of the project within the timeframe. 

Market-leading CaberDek has a tough, waterproof and slip-resistant film which protects the panels for up to 42 days from laying the flooring to fixing the roof when laid in accordance with fitting instructions using CaberFix Pro. The heavy-duty film protects against spilled paint and plaster and the effects of icy or wet weather and muddy work boots.  When peeled off, the film reveals a clean surface ready for further floor covering. 

For a panel with a permanent waterproof coating on both sides, CaberShieldPlus flooring is BBA-approved for 60 days’ exposure to the weather when used with CaberFix D4 adhesive.  The tough, non-slip coating on the upper side provides a safe non-slip working platform even during wet weather, while the smooth coating on the underside makes the panels easy to slide into place.

As the winter temperatures continue to fall, CaberFix Pro can be use in temperatures as low as 8˚C while CaberFix X-Treme Tape works in extreme temperatures as low as -21°C. X-Treme tape can be applied in the same way as CaberFix Tape – applying it over the joints of CaberDek film and over the boards’ exposed edges on the perimeter to create a waterproof chipboard floor deck. 

CaberFix X-Treme tape contains a super strong acrylic adhesive that has a high initial tack and will not crack in extreme weather conditions, keeping the board waterproof. Though it does not bond to ice, X-Treme Tape bonds well in damp conditions, displacing water, and its scruff-resistant properties mean it won’t lift with foot traffic.

To find out more about Norbord’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Daniel Clarke – email [email protected] or go to our housebuilder page for a wealth of product information.

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