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How and why West Fraser is helping the building industry with sustainability targets with SterlingOSB Zero

We are on a journey dedicated to helping housebuilders build homes better! 

Sustainability, the planet, the environment, single use plastic, recycling……we all know we need to be heeding the multitude of messages we are seeing in all aspects of our lives.  And the building and construction industry is no different.

In this decisive decade, as demand for housing provision in the UK continues to rise, housebuilders, homeowners and the construction industry have become increasingly aware about climate change and the collective effort businesses must play towards the local and global net zero targets.  And here’s how we help!

As the UK’s number one producer of net carbon negative engineered wood-based panel products to the housebuilder market, West Fraser (formerly known as Norbord) locks up more CO2 emissions in our products and lifetime of use than we emit – also over 70% of the primary energy used across our sites is from renewable sources. And with 99.5 per cent of all raw materials used in production, waste is at a minimum too.   This means that, when it comes to Scope 3 and assessing the carbon emissions within your supply-chain ( Briefing: What are Scope 3 emissions? | The Carbon Trust), you can rest assured that our products support your carbon reduction plans too. 

From flooring to walls to roofing, the range of West Fraser products offers not only quality, robust and BBA-approved solutions throughout the entire build; also, the peace of mind that you are working with an organisation committed to responsible manufacturing, carbon emission reduction and ESG reporting. 

Of course, like many, we’re not 100% there yet, and our journey continues.  A journey dedicated to helping housebuilders – build homes better! 

Check out our housebuilders’ page where, amongst lots of useful downloads, you’ll find out things you may not already know about West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero

Information on our carbon net zero commitment can be found here:

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