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Complete protection from all sorts of puddles with CaberDek

The winter – and summer! – in the UK, can bring all sorts of weather to our building doorsteps.  And when you add contingency for muddy boots, tipped coffee cups – and puppies! – the working surface really needs to be sturdy and protected.  CaberDek does this in spades – you just need to remove the peelable sheet after work and bingo – a clean floor!

Cheshire Eco-Build loves CaberDek for projects – especially as Cleo, their Dobermann puppy is on site more often than not!

Not only does the team choose fantastic quality products, they are always careful to source environmentally-responsible products too so choosing Norbord’s CaberDek and SterlingOSB Zero was an obvious move.  The family-run business based in Bramhall, Cheshire, is known for renovation and extension projects.  The latest undertaking has been a complete renovation of a four-bedroom bungalow recently bought at auction.  With an awkward layout of lots of small rooms, the bungalow has been taken back to four walls and completely re-configured.  With challenging weather conditions and Cleo, the protective film on CaberDek flooring panels was put to the test.  “We were really impressed with CaberDek which we chose for its protective seal.  It was just the right size, was easy to put together and it formed a really sturdy, water-tight structure”, said Sally Hilton, the company’s director. 

“We try to be an ecological as possible in our builds and have found both CaberDek and SterlingOSB Zero, which we use for framing, to be easy to use with very little waste so has environmental and economic benefits for us”, Sally explained.

To find out more about Norbord’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Daniel Clarke – email [email protected] or go to our housebuilder page for a wealth of product information.  You can even order free samples of SterlingOSB Zero, CaberDek and our other panels.

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