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Clever eco building from Blue Sky Property Services – with us helping with the carbon footprint too!

Timber frame expert, Blue Sky Property Services is well known for taking great care – as we hope everyone does these days – when it comes to the environmental impact of its amazing building and renovating projects.  A great example of this overriding mindset is illustrated in the conversion of an old engineering unit into a luxury two double bedroom eco holiday rental being built in the Norfolk countryside. The property, owned and managed by Emma and Neil Punchard, will be finished to the exacting standards of their other Eco Barn and Hay Barn holiday lets.

James Carter, Director of Blue Sky Property Services, takes up the story. “We always specify West Fraser products as they are easy to use and are produced with the environment in mind.  We used CaberShieldPlus on the first floor as we didn’t need to worry about leaving it exposed while we were building.  The non-slip textured finish is not only safe; as the waterproof coating is permanent, it means there’s no plastic to throw away!   We also used SterlingOSB Zero as we really like the product’s environmental credentials. The use of recycled wood flakes makes this an ideal board for our eco build.”

For anyone who doesn’t know this marvellous product just yet, CaberShieldPlus is specially designed to withstand exposure to wet conditions.  It has protection on both sides, not just the exposed upper surface. The top surface features a permanent non-slip coating that not only prevents damage to the board but also ensures a safe working platform. The underside is protected with the smooth coating that not only protects against damage but also makes the board easy to slide into position. For added durability, the coating applied to CaberShieldPlus is not designed to be peeled off after completion but is bonded permanently on both sides of the panel and waterproof.  BBA-approved for up to 60 days’ continuous exposure to the elements when used with CaberFix D4 adhesive, the board lets builders carry on building even with the roof off.

All West Fraser panel products produced in the UK are net carbon negative and manufactured in mills that have obtained the coveted environmental ISO 14001 accreditation. Responsibly sourced, the panels are FSC certified and created from locally grown timber, cutting embodied carbon from transportation. Sterling OSB Zero is also the first OSB product to be made in the UK with zero added formaldehyde, ensuring an even ‘greener’ board that meets all standards with ease.

Samples of SterlingOSB Zero, and our other construction panels, can be ordered here.  For further information, call 01786 812 921.

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