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CaberFloor performance cuts it for Cotswolds carpenter

A specialist carpenter, who works across much of the Cotswolds carrying out new-build and refurbishment work, has been making use of CaberFloor P5 and other panel products from the West Fraser range throughout his career.

Paul Doherty, who trades as Doherty Carpentry, is in big demand from Moreton-in-the-Marsh across to Stratford-upon-Avon – while also serving customers as far away as Coventry and working for bigger building contractors as well as individual property owners.  Meanwhile, for many areas of his work, Paul chooses to purchase West Fraser products such as SterlingOSB Zero, CaberDek and CaberFloor P5 because of their broad performance benefits and competitive pricing.

Paul Doherty comments: “I get asked to undertake a lot of different types of contracts, from barn conversions and restoring old cottages, to working on new-build properties and erecting garden rooms for customers.  In fact, I created an outdoor kitchen this summer for one client, though the work I did on an old stone-built property at Blockley – near Chipping Camden – pitching a new cut roof and creating new bedroom spaces, is more typical.

“The floors there were made up of 8 x 2 solid timbers, though I also install CaberFloor across metal web and other engineered timber joists.  As long as you’ve got a good structure, and you get your first line of boards in straight, they run true, interlock well and provide a solid, squeak-free floor.  Part of that is that I normally apply the CaberFix adhesive in the joints as well as across the top of the joists as we screw them in place.  I’ve been using the West Fraser range for over 20 years now and have always been impressed with the accuracy, wide availability, and the competitive pricing.”

CaberFloor P5 is one of the UK’s most widely specified particleboard products, conforming to BS EN 312: part 5 and carrying BBA Agrement certification. The 2440 x 600mm panels are available in thicknesses of 18 and 22 mm with tongue and groove edges along all four sides.  They offer excellent stability as well as moisture resistance and deliver a sound reduction performance of 44 dB.  

All West Fraser panel products produced in the UK are net carbon negative and manufactured in mills that have obtained the coveted environmental ISO 14001 accreditation.  Responsibly sourced, the panels are FSC certified and created from locally grown timber, cutting embodied carbon from transportation.

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