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CaberDek – the go-to flooring panel for PYC Construction

Specifying proven, quality, durable, planet-friendly and cost-conscious products are surely the most important part of a housebuilder’s job – or at least one of them!

Timber and wood panels certainly fit in with this challenge – where do they come from and what are they made of? So many panel products and so many materials. There can be a lot to consider but one company that has truly mastered the art, is PYC Construction  the Welsh Passive House builder. PYC Construction is known for creating low-energy, high performance, sustainable homes and is one of the leaders in off-site construction.

This new, bespoke two-storey house with vaulted ceilings is very much in keeping with PYC Construction’s portfolio; to get things underway speedily, PYC constructed fully-insulated panels in the factory meaning the house itself could be constructed on site in just two weeks. These impressive results are thanks to a combination of precision, skill and material. One thing that PYC Construction has praised for being a great help is Norbord’s very own CaberDek flooring. Not only helpful for the Nescliffe project, this has become a go-to product for PYC Construction, and for good reason…

Project Manager, Ben Wilson, tells us “We use 22mm CaberDek on the intermediate floor of all our projects as it provides a great structure for a floor when coupled with our posi-joint system.  CaberDek is strong and provides a flooring covering that is both robust and cost-effective”.

Another unique advantage of CaberDek is its handy film covering. This helpful addition has been developed with a real understanding of the build process. Ben says the film “is excellent at keeping moisture out during construction and makes it really easy to keep the site tidy as dirt doesn’t stick to it.  The film, along with the tongue and groove edges on CaberDek, makes it easy to work with and prevents delays to our on-site time”.

CaberDek is part of Norbord’s CaberFloor range, and has been designed to withstand the elements for up to 42 days between laying the floor and fixing the roof.  Samples of CaberDek, and Norbord’s other construction panels, can be ordered here.

To find out more about Norbord’s products for housebuilders, get in touch with Daniel Clarke – email [email protected] or head to the new housebuilder page  to download a selection of tools including a fully-interactive guide to all Norbord products and a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your build!

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