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Brexit fears? Buy home-grown!

In a time of Brexit woes and uncertainty about importing goods, home-grown has never been so important. From food to furniture, there’s a lot to be said for buying home-grown and that’s why, here at Norbord, the UK’s no1  engineered wood panel producer, we’re proud to offer our customers wood panels that have been made right here in the UK.

So, what are the benefits to those using these products for a multitude of  applications – from housebuilding to furniture-making and DIY to packaging? Well, firstly, it guarantees availability and relative price stability. Transport costs are lower because the product doesn’t have to travel far to reach the customer. Secondly, this leads to benefits for the environment. Thirdly, Norbord is the only manufacturer within the UK to produce a zero-added formaldehyde OSB product with our SterlingOSB Zero – alongside CaberBoard particleboard and CaberWood MDF brands. There’s no need to look abroad when you can get high-quality sustainable products on British soil.

No matter what shape Brexit takes – whenever it may come to pass – it will have minimal impact on the cost and availability in the UK of OSB, MDF and particleboard. This is not only a huge reassurance to our industrial customers and their end users, but it’s great for the UK economy too.

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