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We lock in 1.1 million
tonnes of CO2e in Europe every year

74% of our primary
energy use is from renewable sources

For every 1m3 of OSB we make at Inverness, 828kg of CO2e is sequestered

99.5% of all raw material
is used during production

We are proud that Norbord Europe Ltd deliver a net carbon benefit in the products that we offer. This means we lock up more CO2e in our products (and lifetime of use) than we emit making them. That’s accounting for everything from forest to customer, including harvesting, production, sales, and logistics. These lifecycle impacts have been independently audited by Wood, and verified and certified by the international EPD system Secretariat in Sweden.

Carbon negative. Positive future.

endorsed by
Gareth Oakley

Low energy LED lighting
with motion sensors is being
installed across our sites

We’ve reduced our
air miles by 19%
from 2017-2019

All our products are
FSC® certified and can
100% be recycled

Our fleet of diesel company
cars is being replaced
with hybrid vehicles

It’s not rocket science. The fewer carbon emissions we produce, the better it is for the planet.

Carbon Dioxide (known as CO2) is a greenhouse gas that is produced by almost everything humans do, and is one of the major causes of climate change. The world is finally taking notice and the UK has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Our net carbon negative products can offset emissions.

UK construction must comply with net zero targets to balance emitted and locked up carbon. Our products, all proudly made here in the UK, are net carbon negative and counter those that are not.

Carbon negative. Positive future.

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Download our Carbon Negative Factsheet that explains the steps we’ve taken to reach our net carbon negative status and how our products can help you balance your carbon.

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Frequently asked questions

All our products manufactured in Europe have been certified as net carbon negative.

This is when more carbon is removed from the atmosphere than is emitted and locked up into long term storage. This should be is the ultimate goal for businesses of all sizes.

Carbon negative is better than being carbon neutral. Some manufacturing emits more CO2e into the atmosphere than it locks up in the product it’s making. This is carbon positive and is contributing to climate change. Being carbon neutral means the CO2e being emitted is equal to the CO2e locked up. Net Carbon negative is where more CO2e is locked into the product than is emitted in manufacturing them.

Carbon dioxide (known as CO2) is a greenhouse gas that is produced by almost everything humans do. It increases the amount of heat that is trapped in the atmosphere, one of the major causes of climate change.

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